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[title] Configuration for Oxygen or Medical Air
[* icon_caution] REMINDER ABOUT OXYGEN FIRE HAZARD: Use of oxygen as the breathing gas is a fire hazard just as with any other use of high FiO2. My strong recommendation is to use the fan PAPR configuration. If using the oxygen driven configuration, be mindful of the fire hazard.
[* black] Simplest Halo configuration is for oxygen or medical air. This configuration uses the fewest consumables and is ideal for brief, aerosolizing procedures such as intubation or airway removal at a fixed location.
[* black] No viral filter is needed because inflowing gas is clean. A single expiratory valve contralateral to fresh gas flow is suggested. You must also wear a surgical mask because expiration is to room.
[* black] At 12 L/min flow, CO2 and water vapor clearance is adequate for most users.
[* icon_caution] You may wish to use medical air for prolonged wear. Measured FiO2 in Halo is typically > 95%. Usual fire hazard warning for O2!
[* icon_note] Exceptionally high FiO2 delivery capability may make this configuration useful when placed on a patient.