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[title] Configuration for Fan PAPRHALO (PAPR)
[title] Configuration for Fan PAPRHALO (PAPR)
[* green] A fan draws room air through an anesthesia viral filter to fill the halo bag. Full mobility is possible with a 12 volt battery pack.
[* black] Prototype with 60 mm 2 watt tubaxial fan has limited air flow. To enhance airflow volume and routing, two expiratory valves are suggested. You can also add short, corrugated inside halo to better route airflow and reduce fogging.
[* icon_note] I have successfully worn this configuration for several hours walking around my hospital and even rounded on patients. You can be mobile, but definitely cannot move fast.
[* icon_note] About to trial a higher power, 51 mm blower style fan option instead of 60 mm tubaxial fan. With sufficient airflow increase, expiratory viral filters could also be added to obviate need for surgical mask.