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[title] 3D Parts Post Print Processing
[* black] Experienced 3D printers will notice this project requires minimal post print processing of parts. Do inspect prints for stringing and remove fine string with heated air. Remove burrs if needed. 3 mm bolt passages are easier to use if one runs a 3 mm drill through them before assembly.
[* black] I have intentionally designed to allow operation without too close a required tolerance. Most of the halo respirator runs under positive pressure and is not involved in gas sealing. Bag does most of the work.
[* icon_caution] In the fan powered configuration, there is one place deserving special care. The portion between the fan and viral filter is under negative pressure. We do NOT want a leak entraining air there.
[* black] Lap the fan flange base so it can seat tightly against fan body. A gasket of silicone around fan interface with the flange is a reasonable precaution, but probably not needed if you lap the flange base flat.

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