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[title] 3D Parts Post Print & Assembly
[* black] Experienced 3D printers will note this project requires minimal post print processing. Do inspect prints for stringing and remove fine stringing with heated air. Remove burrs as needed. 3 mm bolt passages are easier to use if one runs a 3 mm drill through them before assembly.
[* black] I have intentionally designed to allow operation without tight tolerances. Most of the HALO respirator runs under positive pressure and is not involved in gas sealing.
[* red] Consider lapping the top and bottom of the fan flange so it seals well against bag penetrator and fan.
[* green] Fan attaches to its mount and flange via M3 screws and nuts. Length of screw should be just over 5 mm longer than fan thickness.
[* icon_note] New flex fit BS Halo places fan atop head on an adjustable band