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Changes to Step #12

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Step Lines

[title] Donning
[* black] Preassemble HALO configuration with fittings and bag.
[* black] Recheck fenstrations are actually open through bag.
[* black] Turn on gas flow or fan. If using gas flow, best comfort flow rate is 10 L/min.
[* icon_caution] Lower rate 5 L/min as with fan requires dual expiration and 22 mm expiration tubes. If this is your first time with Bunny Science HALO pay attention to your resp rate and minimize exertion.
[* black] Arrange bag neatly around neck leaving ample slack for inflation. Secure around neck with soft, personal utility strap.
[* icon_caution] Do not over tighten neck strap! It only has to be like a necktie or scarf. Positive pressure design means you don't have to hermetically seal around neck.