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[title] Fans Tested
[* black] Typical, square tubaxial fans in your parts pin will not have sufficient static pressure capability for use in this project. We are drawing air in ''through'' a viral filter. So, static pressure capability is important.
[* black] The San Ace 9GA0612P6S001 60 mm fan is just adequate if one does not move about too briskly. Its airflow is 24.7 CFM (0.692m³/min) and static pressure 0.326 in H2O (81.2 Pa)
[* black] To improve the Fan HALO configuration, I have added a 51 mm blower fan mount and ordered for testing, NMB Technlogies BM5115-04W-B50-L00 blower fan with 3.5 CFM (0.098m³/min), but higher static pressure of 0.803 in H2O (200.0 Pa)
[* black] Other blower fans may have more ideal combination of power draw, static pressure, flow rate, and availability, but I am limited in acceptable project cost.
[* icon_note] Regardless of Fan HALO limitations, the oxygen HALO configuration already works quite well.

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