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[title] Inflow/Outflow Balance: Maintain Positive Pressure
[* black] Fan power is limiting factor for HALO fan PAPR configuration. There must be sufficient flow to maintain positive pressure during inspiration. Also CO2 clearance must be adequate.
[* icon_note] Bag is intentionally NOT stented open. We want the bag able to readily collapse. This prevents development of negative pressure during inspiration. Also quickly indicates a bag tear.
[* icon_caution] Flutter valves are never instantaneous. Configure air intake and expiratory fittings to maintain positive pressure even during inspiration.
[* black] Greater fan power and/or reduced filter airflow resistance improve airflow and improve HALO's positive pressure safety barrier.
[* black] The twin filter intake flange for 60 mm fans can improve airflow adequacy when higher power fans are not available.

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