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Changes to Step #37

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Step Lines

[title] Fan Mounting Band (Flex Fit Version)
[* black] Bunny PAPR Flex Fit places fan on top of head via a banded mount. (Band is in two halves so can fit print plate)
[* icon_note] Arrow indicates forward direction for airflow and fan outlet.
[* black] Insert bolts from below mounting band halves. Position the two halves interlocked with bolts facing up.
[* orange] Orient blower fan with output facing in same direction as arrow (forward)
[* black] Add optional fan director atop fan if enhanced CO2 clearance is needed. Fan director points airflow in more downward direction.
[* green] Add fan flange and secure with M3 screws and nuts. Once screws are tight, the two band halves will remain together
[* icon_note] Flange can fit in two orientations, but notice arrow indicates correct orientation.