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[title] Alternative Bag
[* black] makes crystal clear, round bottom bag that is suitable for use without need for adding a window. It is made of OPP plastic which is less flexible than polyethylene
[* black]
[* black] Their OPP plastic is a bit stiffer than polyethylene and crinkly noise occurs, but otherwise functions very well.
[* icon_caution] Technique for putting in penetrators is different for OPP. The plastic doesn’t stretch as much as polyethylene, so you can’t thread penetrators in all the way without cutting the fenestrations. Instead, one must thread in about 1/3 of way. Then cut fenestrations before threading in rest of the way.
[* icon_note] The bag is a smaller diameter than my customary "kick bucket" liners. Always position filter fenestration BEHIND the bag's seam. 3 to 4 cm allows sufficient space between face and bag for proper airflow.

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