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Post print process armature only with a knife. Do not use hot air or you risk damaging its interruptor fin.

Press pivot MR63ZZ 3x6x2.5 mm miniature bearing into BOTTOM of armature.

Top of armature's bearing mount is smaller diameter. Do not press bearing in from top. Be careful not to break the interruptor fin.

Attach filament sensing MR63ZZ bearing to armature with M3 x 6 mm screw. Bearing should be secure but keep screw loose enough for free bearing rotation.

Some hex socket head screws have slightly longer head that limits armature swing range. That results in filament sensor stuck in "on" position when motor plate is attached. If you encounter this issue, file away part of screw head or use a smaller head screw like a cap head M3 x 6.

Armature must be printed in opaque color. Bunnies recommend PETG black.

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