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Draw two 1050ZZ Miniature Steel Bearings 5x10x4 mm into front and back bearing mounting holes

Use M5 bolt, two washer, and a nut to draw in bearings. Resistance to bearing insertion should be moderate. If you find yourself torquing bolt hard, something is awry. Remove the bearing and recheck for stray filament bits

Temptation is to press bearings in too far. They won't be flush with plastic surface. Just get them seated. Stop pressing as soon as you feel bearing bottom. Going too tight will cause misalignment and friction problems.

If bearing is stuck in hole and you need to remove it, tap it out using M5 Hex driver as punch.

Front bearing is easy, but rear bearing requires drawing against uneven surface. Use flat object or printed BNBSX Bearing Pressing Aid piece to support large washer evenly.

Pass a 5 mm shaft through both installed bearings. Shaft should spin easily. If not, back out the bearings very slight using a 5 mm hex driver as a punch. Adjust alignment and depth of bearings until you achieve free motion.

Bearings when aligned are low friction. You should be able to hold the shaft horizontally. Tap the motor plate and watch motor plate swing back and forth for about ten seconds.

The bearings will not fall out. Shaft locks installed later will stabilize their depth in mounting holes.

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