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Prepare 5 mm diameter shaft rod, Length 55 mm, Pulley Flat 0 to 9 mm, Bondtech Flat 42 mm to end. See for shaft cutting guide and instructions

Shaft_Cutting_Guide_Bunny_and_Bear_Short_Ears_55-9-42_mm is the cutting guide for this BNBSX "Short Ears" MK3S extruder

Most 5 mm shaft rods are slightly too large in diameter to fit through 5 mm bearings. Chuck shaft blank in drill and sand down shaft diameter. Entire length of shaft must easily pass through 1050ZZ bearing.

Ideal BNBSX gear shaft is slightly shorter at 53.5 mm, but cut at 55 mm and adjust after test fitting. BNBSX differs in that it needs clearance beyond rear of shaft for internal sensor lever.

BONDTECH shaft flat is most difficult to get correct. Grind only 0.35 mm deep. Too deep and screw will not reach. Too shallow and screw head hits other Bondtech.

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