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In this step, we adjust the filament sensor to reliably detect presence of filament between Bondtech gears. Idler door must be tensioned during adjustments.

If motor does not permit manual turning of pulley for inserting/removing filament, loosen and retighten idler door tension screw to manipulate filament.

Insert filament into printer and advance it through Bondtech drive gears. The idler door will swing slightly outward when filament is between drive gears.

Display filament sensor state on LCD during this process. Better yet, watch LED indicator If you have installed LED indicator mod on IR sensor board,

Turn M3 sensor adjust screw on idler door CLOCKWISE (in) until sensor indicates no filament (LED goes off). Just two or three revolutions should be max.

Turn M3 sensor adjust screw COUNTER-clockwise (out) until sensor starts indicating filament is present. Continue another 1/2 to 1/3 counter-clockwise for reliable detection.

Test setting by removing and reinserting filament between Bondtech gears.

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