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Install three M3 nuts. These will attach extruder to x-carriage.

Lower M3 nut is easy to install

Upper two M3 nuts are more challenging. Begin with M3 x 12 mm screw and washer. Partially seat nut with longer 12 mm screw. Switch to shorter M3 x 8 mm screw to fully seat nut.

M3 Nylock goes here for version B03.

PINDA clamp nut pocket differs from other nut pockets. Forcefully pulling in nut will split print layers here. Clean / enlarge nut opening with needle file until nut slides in easily. Do NOT attempt to pull in nut with bolt tension.

I cheat a bit here by melting a regular M3 nut into the pocket and pushing it back out while still hot. That enlarges the pocket so M3 Nylock can slide in. Key is the nut must SLIDE in without force.

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