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Addition of LED indicator to IR filament sensor board simplifies calibration and troubleshoot. Adds LED with 1K ohm series resistance between +5 to Out.

512 ohm resistor. One end soldered to +5

512 ohm resistor. One end soldered to Out

Solder LED across far ends of resistors. This completes electrical connection and physically holds LED in place.

If LED polarity backwards, will not light up. Anode to +5. Cathode to Out.

Bench test by connecting +5 and Gnd to power regulated 5 volt DC supply. Have power supply POLARITY CORRECT or you will destroy sensor. Interrupting optical path will light up LED.

Chanzon (5 Colors x 20 pcs = 100 pcs) 1206 SMD LED Diode Lights Assorted Kit

McIgIcM 1206 SMD Resistor Kit,1206 SMD chip Fixed Resistor Kit

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