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Precheck idler holder is able to freely slide in and out of idler x-end. Shave and smooth idler holder as needed.

Secure idler pulley in idler holder with 3 mm dowel rod.

Dowel rod should not extend beyond sides of idler holder.

Place two M3 Nylocks into idler holder. End with nylon should point towards opening of idler

Insert idler holder into idler x-end

Insert two M3 x 18 screws through idler x-end into nylocks, but only tighten x 2 turns. These two screws are used to adjust x-belt tension.

Thread two M3 x 18 screws through idler x-end to just touch linear rods. These are used to fine adjust x-axis length, but you will probably just leave them barely touching linear rods.

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