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Bondtech set screw has very limited range for proper depth. If shaft flat is too shallow, the screw sticks out too far. If shaft is too deep, set screw won't secure the gear despite bottoming out.

Use your finger and check that drive shaft Bondtech does not wiggle on drive shaft.

Close idler door and hold it shut with a finger. Feel the door for motion as you rotate gear shaft through several rotations. If flat is too shallow, you will feel screw impinge idler Bondtech and slightly open door during each rotation.

If you find impingement by Bondtech set screw, disassemble motor plate gearbox and correct shaft flat depth now. Extruder will not work reliably unless set screw is secure at correct depth.

Illustration exaggerates how far set screw must stick out to impinge. Correct position is not entirely flush, but just a fraction too far out causes impingement.

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