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A fan draws room air through an anesthesia viral filter to fill the hood bag. Full mobility is possible with a 12 volt battery pack.

51 mm blower fan with 200 pascal static pressure yields about ideal flow. 150 pascal static pressure capacity is probable minimum that allows unencumbered activity.

Always verify your Bunny Science PAPR maintains positive to neutral pressure during inspiration. Bag should freely move inward about 1 cm during inspiration. Never modify design to stent bag open. Stenting bag open risks generating negative pressure.

51 mm blower fan provides adequate air clearance and permits walking and stair climbing. I have spent hours in the Bunny PAPR with gas sample monitoring to verify flow adequacy.

Alternative configuration is to replace both flutter valves with another two anesthesia viral filters or a single VBMAX48 filter. This allows use of Bunny Science PAPR in sterile environments without need a surgical mask inside PAPR.

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