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Sadly, best practice is limited to the physically possible.

Even anesthesia virus filters could fall into short supply. Depending on the situation, it may become necessary to reuse a virus filter in the Bunny PAPR configuration.

Doffing procedure can be modified to include wiping down the exterior of the virus filter with antiviral, removing filter and wiping its ends. The intake end should always be considered contaminated. Fortunately, viral filters will fit on 22 mm taper in only one orientation..

Alternative doffing process is to advance clean thumbs into bag and evert bag completely. This puts dirty side of bag inside and facilitates a later re-donning. Scenario might be usage at start and end of case. Conserves materials, but free end of bag must be wiped before re-donning.

Re-donning is higher risk strategy. Carefully weigh risk vs materials availability.

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