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There must be sufficient flow and output resistance to maintain positive pressure 20 pascale or higher between breaths and never negative during inspiration. Also, total airflow must be 20 LPM or more for adequate CO2 clearance.

I recommend a blower style fan with 200 to 250 static pressure, and viral filters having 3 cm H20 or less flow resistance at 60 LPM. Viral filters with 1.5 cm H20 or lower resistance at 60 LPM are desirable for larger users.

Fan shall be oriented to pull air in through filter and vent into bag

Bag is intentionally NOT stented open. We want the bag to readily collapse. This prevents development of negative pressure during inspiration.

Valves are never instantaneous. Configure your air intake and expiratory fittings to maintain positive to neutral pressure even during inspiration.

Do not massively increase fan power. Keep total liters/min flow to about 20-40 L/min to remain well within anesthesia filter performance envelope.

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