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IMPORTANT SLICING SETTING for just the bag filter 22 mm adapters. Part of filter adapter runs negative pressure. We want the seal between filter and adapter to be as good as possible. Everywhere else is positive pressure and has non-critical seal.

For the bag filter 22 mm adapters set slicer z-seam positions to RANDOM. Otherwise, your slicer may align seams and create a vertical seam that could act as a microchannel through the adapter/filter seal. Setting seams to random avoids creation of a continuous vertical seam.

Vertically aligned seams are particulary large if your slicer's k-factor does not match your FDM printer.

VB48Max Filter Adapters allow use of very low resistance A-M Systems. One filter input and one on output for output. Yields much higher flow than 22 mm anesthesia filters and filtering both input and output permits wear without surgical mask.

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