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Now that the lever or armature pieces are in place, it is time to test fit the IR sensor module

Gently position Prusa IR Filament Sensor module and secure with M2 x 6 mm screw.

Do NOT use M2 screw that Prusa supplies. It is too long.

Verify that optical interruptor fin moves in/out of IR sensor optical path.

This IR sensor module has an LED indicator modification soldered onto it. Bunnies enjoy easier system testing with LED lighting up when filament is sensed.

1K ohm total of series resistance.

LED in series with resistors. LED and resistor attach to V+ and Output of filament module. This requires some skill with surface mount soldering, but is a very useful modification.

After verifying fit, it is a good idea to remove the IR sensor module and set safely aside extruder assembly is complete. It is possible to leave it installed through the process, but it is safer to temporarily remove it.

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